Power LogOn Administrator Installation Kit


Multi-Factor Authentication with CardLogix’ MOST® Smart Cards
Password Management – MFA Secured and Centralized
Access Control Before and After the Firewall
HIPAA Compliant for Secure Healthcare
Easy, No-Risk Set Up, 90-day Money Back Guarantee
Optional Biometric Authentication
Multi-Application Smart ID Badge


Power LogOn® by Access Smart is a powerful cybersecurity and access control solution that protects business networks and assets with advanced single sign-on and centralized password management.

Unlike other Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions, Power LogOn employs Multi-Factor Authentication to fight perpetrators at the most vulnerable point of entry – The Front Door. Power LogOn demands user authentication before the firewall, which means before the computer is even powered on. Why? Because by the time criminals gain access behind the firewall, it is already too late.

Employees must prove their identity with multiple factors of authentication, including but not limited to the M.O.S.T. Card® Smart ID Badge by CardLogix, leveraging advanced microprocessor smart card technology. The authentication process is aggressive, but the experience is fast and convenient for the user.
MFA-Secured Password Management

Power LogOn manages employees’ passwords for companies’ systems and resources, so that they don’t have to. The solution eliminates the weakest link of any security system – the Human Element.

Fully-authenticated, authorized employees can access multiple company resources without having to re-enter passwords, such as: the local or cloud-hosted server, websites, applications, and protected data files. With Power LogOn, employees don’t need to remember, type, manage, or even know passwords to access a company’s resources. The solution puts the IT Administrator back in full control to easily manage long and complex passwords, as well as frequent password changes – without any employee involvement.
Power LogOn Administrator Installation Kit
Easy, No Risk Installation

The Power LogOn Installation Kit allows IT to fully test for network compatibility and product functionality with no financial risk. There are no back end server hardware modifications required. No “Rip ‘n’ Replace” of existing security investments.
The Power LogOn Administrator Installation Kit Includes:

Power LogOn® Software
2 USB Readers
6 MOST Card® Smart Cards
6 Demo Licenses (90 days each)
1.5 Hours of Tech and Installation Support
Full Documentation to: Fully test, configure and manage a smart card enterprise Single Sign-On password manager for multi-factor cyber authentication
No Risk, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee