Instant Biometric ID Card Issuance


IDBX™ Instant Biometric ID Card Issuance

Complete Instant Issuance Biometric Smart Card Solution
Out-Of-The-Box: Enroll, Issue and Verify Cards Immediately
Multi-Modal Biometrics: Face, Iris, Fingerprints, Signature
High-Security Contact/Contactless Smart Cards with Biometrics
Hassle-Free, Pre-Configured, No User Programming Required
Sophisticated Biometric and Demographic Enrollment Software
Advanced Smart Card Personalization Software
600 DPI Retransfer Printer, Encoder and Lamination
Card Validation and Biometric Identity Verification Software
Custom Configurations with In-the-Field Upgrade Options
idblox® Compliant for Multiple Applications
BIOSID™ Biometric Tablet Compatible


Issue Smarter ID Cards Faster

Accelerate your deployment of smart cards with biometric digital identities for highest-security identity systems.

The IDBX Inline Biometric ID Card Issuance Solution accelerates the deployment of advanced identity systems that leverage the power of contact and contactless microprocessor smart cards with on-board biometrics. The IDBX bundle includes everything you need to jump start your program.

Whether you are still evaluating project requirements or you are ready to deploy your pilot program, CardLogix’ out-of-the-box IDBX solution saves months of time and hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars by avoiding complicated product integrations and custom programming.

Get started today with one of our fully-integrated product bundles. Test the solution in your environment. Impress stakeholders by demonstrating full capabilities immediately. CardLogix offers flexible upgrades and custom configuration options as your project evolves and requirements change.
3 Powerful Solutions in 1 Complete Bundle
IDBX Complete Includes:

Complete Enrollment Kit for Capturing Biometrics + Demographics
FbF® BioEnroll Software
Face Camera + Dual Iris Scanner
DactyScan84c 10 Fingerprints Scanner (4x4x2)
Back Lit Signature Pad
ID Document Scanner
Hard Travel Case
14 in Laptop
Heavy-Duty Tripod
Portable Power Pack
7 Port USB-Powered Hub
Smart Card Personalization and Issuance Kit
Card Encoding Engine™ (CEE) Smart Card Personalization and Encoding Software Kit
Printer options :
Retransfer printers (Matica, Evolis, Dascom, GET) Dual-Sided 600 DPI printer and encoder
Direct to Card printers (Matica, Evolis, Dascom) dual sided 300 DPI printer and encoder
Lamination Module (Matica, Evolis, Dascom)
Laser engraver (Matica)
Pre-Configured Contact and Contactless Smart Cards, Ready for Electronic and Graphical Personalization
CEE WiFi Connect Kit
YMCK Ribbons
Clear Patch Lamination Rolls
Smart Card Validation and Biometric Identity Verification Software
FastCheck™ for Windows
For Smart Card Validation, Onscreen Display of Cardholder Data and Identity Verification
FastCheck™ for Android
For Mobile Smart Card Validation and Onscreen Display of Cardholder Data
Biometric Matching Licenses, Renewed Annually
BOISID Verify to match remotely any users Biometrics