Smart Card Encoder ISO7816-3


Smart Card Encoder ISO7816-3 is an software wich allows you to supply create new EMV credit cards for your customers almost instantly without having a deep knowledge of the subject,

Very easy to use created for independent banks without having to send the costumer data at headquarters and wait weeks and take the risk of losing the customer due to waiting time,

You can create instant customer’s EMV cards in a few clicks ready to be use, for example if a customer wants to have two cards on the same account and be able to use both cards at the same time as Mr / Mrs cards in this case Smart Card Encoder ISO7816-3 is for you,

The software does not require an internet connection does not require special knowledge and is compatible with any windows operating system from windows xp to windows 10  .


Across the globe many transit schemes are upgrading their acceptance infrastructure to allow travelers to pay with a contactless EMV payment card, rather than the traditional transit-specific card. London is often cited as the example of a successful large scale roll-out of EMV in transit. Among the benefits of EMV in transit are removing the transit enrollment process for the occasional and foreign traveler, lowering card issuance costs, reliance on financial-grade security, and reducing the need for a dedicated top-up infrastructure for transit stored value.

1- Compatible from windows XP to Windows 10

2- Compatible with MCR200, UTrust 2700, HID Omnikey 3121 and Omnikey Cardman 3021 .

3- Compatible ONLY with smart card’s  JavaCard 3.0.1 JCOP . (for each costumer we provide 100 cards which are included in the software price)

4- The software is able to read and write DDA – Dynamic Data Authentication / SDA  (Static Data Authentication) and CDA (Combined Dynamic Data Authentication)

5- Compatible with any EMV Credit or Debit Card in the world, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, UnionPay, RuPay, Discover etc…

6- The software is sent by email, JavaCard 3.0.1 JCOP card’s will be sent by DHL Express

Smart Card Encoder ISO7816-3 is able to read, write,  format, create an iso file that can later be written to a new card, it will calculate cryptogram ARQC and ARPC automatically,  will automatically add a signature to the EMV card, will automatically detect if it is an SDA, DDA or CDA card in just a click,  will automatically detect the country from which the card is from as well as the currency of the respective country and many others when you buy you will receive an instruction manual that will allow you to get acquainted with the software, can be used in any country where EMV is used including China for unionpay  .