Contactless Card Configuration Kit


Smart Toolz® MIFARE – Contactless Card Configuration Kit

MIFARE Card Configuration Utility™ Software for:
MIFARE Classic
MIFARE Plus Series
MIFARE Ultralight / C Series

Includes 20 x Contacless MIFARE Cards, Readers, and Software
Design Card Project Files with AIDs, File Types, Permissions, and Keys
Superior Data Security with Card Configuration Utility Software
Integrated with Card Encoding Engine (CEE) = Automated DESFire EV1 Smart Card Encoding


Smart Toolz® Contactless – MIFARE Card Configuration Kit by CardLogix features the MIFARE Card Configuration Utility software program to configure a MIFARE or DESFire card’s file structure with Application IDs (AIDs), to set permissions and keys, and  to load data to the card. CardLogix’ MIFARE Card Configuration Utility supports MIFARE Classic 1K / 4K, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Ultralight C, MIFARE Plus 1K / 4K, and MIFARE DESfire EV1, and more. The kit comes with 20 contactless MIFARE cards for your convenience.

Please note that this kit does not include middleware or APIs to support software application development for MIFARE cards. However, the kit enables the complete configuration and creation of MIFARE and DESFire cards to integrate with your pre-existing or new system. The card’s card project file can also be imported from within CardLogix’ Card Encoding Engine (CEE) software program to personalize, encode, and issue ID cards.

Smart Toolz Kit Includes:

  • MIFARE Card Configuration Utility® (CCU) Software
  • 20 Contactless MIFARE Smart Cards
    • 3 x Classic 1K 4-byte
    • 1 x Classic 1K 7-byte
    • 1 x Classic 4K 7-byte
    • 1 x Plus X 2K 7-byte
    • 1 x Plus X 4K 4-byte
    • 1 x Plus X 4K 7-byte
    • 4 x DESfire EV1 4K
    • 4 x DESFire EV1 8k
    • 3 x Mifare Ultralight
    • 1 x Mifare Ultralight C
  • Contactless Reader/Write PC/SC

Connect with Card Encoding Engine (CEE)