Biometric Mobile Enrollment


BIOSID™ Biometric Mobile Enrollment and Verification Tablet Device

Complete Solution: Tablet, Software and Cards Included
Mobile Biometric Identity Verification + Mobile Enrollment
IP67 Rugged Handheld Device with Lightweight Feel
Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof, Drop-Resistant
WiFi, GSM Cellular Services, and Bluetooth Connectivity
Multi-Modal Biometrics: Fingerprints, Iris, Faceprint, Signature
Onboard Smart Card Encryption for Secured Biometrics Storage
Multi-Factor Authentication with 1:1 Biometric Matching
Digital Display of Cardholder Information
Write to Smart Card Directly (contact or contactless) or Send to Remote Location (Cloud database) or to the device
Verify biometric users information from Smart Card Directly (contact or contactless) or a Cloud database
Features Contact & Contactless M.O.S.T. Card® Smart Cards
idblox® Compliant for Seamless Connectivity to idblox Products
Standard and Custom Versions Available
Tablet may be purchased without software or cards
FBI Fingerprint certified algorithm
Available language in English, Spanish, French and German


BIOSID Biometric Mobile Identity Enrollment and Verification Tablet Solution is a family of rugged, IP67-rated handheld FBI certified devices. It include robust software applications featuring smart card, or cloud database, read and write functionality, multi-modal biometric (Fingerprint, Iris, Face and Signature) capture , and verification on smart cards and cloud database locations. The BIOSID is available in three editions. The flagship product is our BIOSID Enroll & Verify device. The BIOSID Verify is for verification of the biometrics and the stand alone BIOSID without the enrollment and verification software.
BIOSID Enroll + Verify

This edition includes software for the instant capture of 10 fingerprints, 2 irises, 1 frontal face,1 signature, and cardholder demographic information (name, date of birth, eye color, age, address, etc..). The data is enrolled and stored to the smart card directly, to the cloud database or to the device hard disk. The users biometric information and the biometric data can be verified through the smart cards (contact or contactless), or through the cloud based database.

This version includes software for high reliability, multi-factor authentication. Identity verification features include the onscreen display of cardholder identity information which the software extracts from his/her smart ID card or cloud database. The software delivers live 1:1 biometric matching. The live biometric templates are captured and compared within the subject’s smart card or cloud database. The solution performs AES-encrypted, challenge-response authentication to validate the smart card, gain access to encrypted data from the chip or cloud. The smart card contains multiple security features (credential authentication, security graphics, photo ID, and challenge/response commands) for safeguarding access to digital file stored within the smart card. The combination of digital authentication, visual inspection, and biometric verification reliably ensures the subject identity.