Avansia Duplex


High Definition ID Card Printer

The Evolis Avansia is a medium to high volume, dual-sided retransfer ID card printer and encoder.

Key Features:

  • Retransfer technology
  • Over-the-edge card printing
  • High quality, high resolution images (600 DPI)
  • Security graphics: micro-text and watermarks
  • Dual-sided card printing
  • Lifetime warranty on printhead
  • Multiple encoding options (including contact and contactless smart cards)

Evolis Avansia is the premium retransfer printer for high definition cards that are issued in medium to high volume. Its retransfer technology enables true over-the-edge printing with high resolution (600 DPI) images for superior quality ID cards, payment cards, driver licenses, and more. Avansia can print on multiple card materials, including PVC, PET, polycarbonate, ABS, and cards with uneven card surfaces. Contact and contactless smart card encoding is made easy with embedded smart card encoders and CardLogix Card Encoding Engine™ ID card personalization software. The printer is built with maximum endurance in mind, enabling cards to be issued intensively with a 3-year standard warranty and lifetime warranty on printheads. It operates exceptionally fast at a rate of up to 140 single-sided color cards per hour. Due to the high capacity feed and output trays (250 card each) and high capacity consumables, cards can be printed in batches without interruptions. To ensure that only authorized personnel access the printer, Avansia features an RFID key, mechanical key lock, and security slot (Kensington® type).